Using Unfold for a business or client

You can use Unfold to create unique social media content to help any brand stand out online. This guide offers best practices for using Unfold to create content for a company or client you work for.

Unfold and Squarespace

Depending on your device, you’ll use an Apple ID or Google account to download the Unfold app. From that point forward, your Unfold app and any purchases you make—such as template collections and Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro subscriptions—are tied to that Apple ID or Google account.

If you publish a Bio Site or subscribe to Unfold Pro, you’ll be prompted to sign into a Squarespace account from the Unfold app. By doing so, you further link your Apple ID or Google account to your Squarespace account. Once these accounts are linked, you can’t manually unlink them; if you try to log into a different Squarespace account from your Unfold app, you’ll receive an error.

This is important to keep in mind when using Unfold for a client or your employer

Using Unfold for a client

We don’t recommend logging into a client’s Squarespace account in your Unfold app. If you do, you can’t later log into your own Squarespace account or another client’s.

As a best practice, only link your Unfold app to your own Squarespace account. From there, you can get all of the images and branding you need from your client, build out their desired social media posts and stories, then save your completed work to your device. You can then provide your client with the image, video, or .pdf files you created.

If you and your client have Unfold Pro, you can upload your client’s custom colors, logos, stickers, and fonts into your Brand Kit, then export this data to give back to your client with your completed work. See our Unfold Pro guide for more information on importing and exporting Brand Kits.

Using Unfold for your employer

If you manage social media for your employer, we recommend downloading the Unfold app using the business’s Apple ID or Google account, and connecting Unfold to the business’s Squarespace account. This ensures your Unfold account remains accessible if you leave your position, or if someone else takes over creating content in Unfold.

Tip: Content created in the Unfold app doesn’t sync across devices, even if both devices downloaded the application using the same Apple ID or Google account.
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