Using post templates

While Unfold’s story templates are designed with social media story features in mind, you can use post templates to add images or videos to your main Instagram feed. These templates use a 4:5 size ratio, making them ideal layouts for individual posts.

Customers have access to a variety of free watermarked template collections. Customers on the Unfold Plus and Pro plans have unlimited access to all template collections, with the option to remove watermarks. Single template collections you’ve purchased will not have a watermark. If you're seeing a watermark on a template you've purchased, try restoring your purchases.

Create a new post

To create a post:

  1. On the Unfold home screen, tap +.
  2. Tap Post, then choose a Starting Point.
  3. Tap Project title in the top-left to customize the post title.
  4. Tap Media to select an image or video from your device or select an image from the Unsplash library. You can also take new photos directly in the Unfold app by tapping the camera icon.
  5. Tap + again to add more pages, or continue editing the current page.

Depending on the template you choose, the layout may include places for multiple images or videos and example text boxes. You can edit the existing layout and add more elements. The available template options vary by device type.

Edit and customize your post

You can edit and customize your post with the same Unfold features you use to customize stories, including text, stickers, and other tools. To learn more, visit Creating stories.

Share your post

When you’re ready, you can share your post to your Instagram feed or to other apps, like Twitter, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Tap the save or share icon in the top-right corner, then select how you want to share the post:

  • To device - Save the post to your device to share it manually or save it for later. Posts saved to your device are always 1080px × 1350px.
  • To planner - Export the post to the Instagram Feed Planner where you can map out how the post fits into your grid of Instagram posts.
  • Schedule a post - Add a caption and schedule a post to your Instagram grid. Depending on your plan level, you can schedule it to post automatically or have a post reminder sent via an Unfold push notification
  • Share to Instagram - Add to Instagram as a story, feed post, or message.
  • Save as a .pdf - Save the post as a .pdf file to be shared through the share menu.
  • Share to other apps - Tap the app where you want to share your post. The selected app opens and previews the post so you can make final changes before publishing or sending.
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