Instagram Feed Planner

Use the Instagram Feed Planner to map out what your grid of Instagram posts will look like to visitors. This is ideal when you have photos and videos that connect to one another to create a larger image, or to ensure the posts match your brand's aesthetics.

Before you begin

  • The Feed Planner works best when you have many images and videos to post already on your device. This gives you the most flexibility to review how different arrangements will look in your Instagram feed.
  • The Feed Planner is only intended for planning purposes, and you'll still have to post each image or video individually. Unfold can't post your images to Instagram in bulk through the Feed Planner.
  • On the free version of Unfold, you can plan the arrangement of up to 3 images or videos in your Instagram feed. Subscribe to Unfold+ or Unfold Pro to arrange more images at one time.
  • On Unfold+ or the free version of Unfold, you can connect one Instagram account to the Feed Planner. Subscribers to Unfold Pro can connect multiple accounts.

Connect to Instagram

Tip: To connect a business or creator Instagram account to Unfold, first connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page.

To start using the Feed Planner:

  1. Open the Unfold app.
  2. Tap Plan on the Unfold home screen, then tap Connect your account.
  3. Choose whether you have a personal Instagram account or a business or creator account.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in and approve the connection.

After Instagram connects successfully, your current Instagram posts appear in a grid format. Images you've already posted display with an Instagram icon in the bottom-right corner.

If you have trouble connecting

Plan your feed

To plan your Instagram feed:

  1. In the Instagram Feed Planner, tap + Add To Grid.
  2. Take or choose up to 6 images or videos from your device. To upload unlimited images, subscribe to Unfold+ or Unfold Pro. Tap Camera to take a new picture. Tap Placeholder then a color square to add an empty placeholder to your feed planner.
  3. Tap and hold an image to rearrange it in the grid. You can only rearrange images added to the Feed Planner, not existing posts.
  4. When you have your feed planned, tap the image farthest down, click Share, then click Instagram. In Instagram, edit the image and post it.
  5. Repeat the previous step for all the images in your feed, posting in reverse order to ensure it matches the Feed Planner. If you don't want to post all the images at the same time, you can post the rest later. The Feed Planner keeps your images in the same order even after you close it.
Tip: To preview how the last image in one row of you feed planner looks next to the first image in the next row, shift your feed planner by tapping >. Each time you tap >, Unfold adds a blank space to the top of your planner, pushing your posts down one spot. These blank spaces change how the feed planner displays, but won't post. To undo your feed planner shift, keep tapping > until you've cleared the entire first row, prompting the blank spaces to disappear.

Other options

For more options, tap an image or multiple images, then tap one of the following:

  • Share - Save the image to your device, or share it to other apps or through text messages. You can only share one image at a time.
  • Manage - Add or edit a caption on your image, then tap Save. When you save or share the image to other apps or through a text message, it’ll include the caption. You can also schedule a post or a reminder to share the post on social media.
  • Delete - Remove the images from the Feed Planner. This doesn't delete them from your device.
  • Hide - Hide the images from the Feed Planner. To reveal hidden images, click the eye icon in the top-right corner, tap the images, then click Show.
  • Replace - Replace the image with another from your device. You can only replace one image at a time.

Schedule a post or post reminder

If you're an Unfold Pro subscriber, you can schedule a reminder to post content from the Instagram Feed Planner on social media. At the scheduled time, you'll receive a notification on your device reminding you to publish the post online.

If you're an Unfold Pro subscriber and you have an Instagram Business Account connected to Meta Business Manager, Unfold can publish scheduled posts directly on your Instagram feed. Scheduled posts are stored on our server and post even if your mobile device can't connect to the internet at the scheduled time.

Note: It's not possible to have Unfold automatically publish posts to an Instagram Creator account’s feed.

To learn more about setting up an Instagram Business Account, visit Instagram’s help center. To learn more about connecting Instagram to Meta Business Manager, visit the Meta Business Help Center’s guide on creating a Meta Business Manager account and connecting Instagram to Meta Business Manager.

To schedule a post or post reminder:

  1. In the Instagram Feed Planner, tap an image, then tap Manage.
  2. Under Schedule, tap Date/Time.
  3. Tap a date on the calendar and set a time for the notification.
  4. Tap Add or Ok.
  5. To receive a notification on your phone at the assigned time, tap Send reminder. To have the Unfold app publish your post on your behalf, tap Post automatically (Business and Creator accounts only).
  6. Tap Schedule, then tap Close.

To cancel a scheduled post, tap the X beside the scheduled time. To view all scheduled posts and post reminders, tap the calendar icon in the Instagram Feed Planner.

Color map your feed

Color mapping overlays the planned and posted images in your Instagram feed with their predominant color. Use this view to plan color themes for your Instagram posts.

Color mapping changes how your posts are displayed in your feed planner, not the images that appear to your followers on Instagram.

To turn color mapping on, tap the droplet at the top of the Instagram feed planner. To turn it off, tap the droplet again.

Add another Instagram account

If you subscribe to Unfold Pro, you can add more Instagram accounts to the Feed Planner. This way, you can plan your post grid for each of the business and personal accounts you manage, all in one place.

To add another Instagram account to the Feed Planner:

  1. Tap your account name at the top of the page, then tap Add Account.
  2. Select your account type by tapping Creator or Business or Personal.
  3. Follow the steps to log in and Authorize.

To switch between accounts, tap the Instagram account name at the top of the Feed Planner, then tap the account you want to view the feed for. Tap beside an account name to refresh the account’s Instagram feed or log out of that Instagram Account.

Reset your connection to Instagram

If you're having trouble with the connection between the Feed Planner and Instagram, you can reset the connection.

To reset your connection:

  1. Log out of Instagram in the Feed Planner. From the Feed Planner, tap your username at the top, then tap Log Out.
  2. Remove Unfold from your Instagram account by following the steps in Instagram's Help Center.
  3. Connect to Instagram again.
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