Using Unfold to take a photo or video

With Unfold, you can capture and edit images and videos before adding them to your stories or uploading them directly to social media. To edit images you've already added to stories, visit Editing images in a story

Take a photo or video

To take a photo or video with Unfold Studio:

  1. Tap + on the Unfold home screen.
  2. Tap Edit Photo / Video.
  3. Tap Camera (iOS) or Capture (Android) to open your device's camera.
  4. Tap the shutter circle to take a picture, or hold it to take a video.
  5. After taking the picture of video, swipe left or right to add filters or tap the brightness icon to adjust the brightness.
  6. In the top-right corner, tap the download icon.
  7. Tap the Filters, Effects, or Adjust tabs to access more editing options. 
  8. When you are ready to export your photo or video, tap .
  9. In the top-right corner, tap the export icon.  
  10. Tap the Instagram icon to upload it to Instagram, or tap To device to save it to your device.

Add images or videos to your Unfold stories

After editing and saving your images and videos, you can upload them from your device to Unfold story templates, where you can edit them further. To learn more, visit Creating stories.

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