Deleting your Unfold data

When you started using Unfold Pro or Bio Sites, you created or signed into a Squarespace account. After you link your Unfold app to Squarespace, we save some of your Unfold content—such as Brand Assets, Web stories through Unfold Pro, or hosting for your Bio Site—in our Squarespace databases with your Squarespace content.

To delete your Unfold content, we’ll also need to delete your Squarespace account. This will remove all your Squarespace and Unfold account data from our databases. We’re unable to delete only Unfold content from a Squarespace account at this time.

Note: If you don't have a Squarespace account linked to your Unfold App, we don’t store any of your Unfold data or content on our servers. You can delete your data by uninstalling the Unfold app from your device.

What happens when your account is deleted

Deleting your account terminates that account’s relationship with Squarespace. This means:

  • We’ll erase your Unfold and Squarespace accounts from our databases.
  • We won’t be able to restore any of your information or content.

Instead of deleting your data, consider canceling your Unfold subscription. You can do this any time through the Apple or Google app stores. Doing so will stop all future Unfold payments, while keeping your existing Unfold data saved to your Squarespace account should you ever resubscribe.

Prepare to delete your account

There are a few steps you should take before requesting to delete your account. If you submit a request and haven’t taken these steps, we’ll ask you to do so. We want you to have control over your information and the services you purchased.

  • If you have a Squarespace website, follow the steps in our Squarespace Help Center to prepare your Squarespace account for deletion.
  • If you have Unfold Pro, export your Brand Kit. You can share an exported Brand Kit with other Unfold users, or save it to import into a new Unfold Pro account in the future.
  • Cancel your Unfold subscription through the Apple or Google app stores to avoid any future charges for this product.

Request to delete your account

After preparing to delete your account, there are two ways to request the account removal. You can either or email us at.


Fill out this form to request deletion of your account. You’ll be prompted to log in to verify that you’re the account owner. We’ll reply to your account email address to confirm your request and will also send an email confirmation when your account deletion has been processed.


Send an email to requesting account deletion. Use the subject line Unfold - Delete my account and send the email from the email address you use to log into your Squarespace account.

You’ll receive a response with a link to this guide. If you’ve already completed the steps to prepare your account for deletion, respond to that message to confirm and complete your deletion request.

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