Restoring purchases on a new device

If you get a new device, you can restore your Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro subscription or previous one-time template collection purchases as long as your new device is connected to the same Apple ID or Google Play Account that made the initial purchases.

Tip: To learn about restoring stories, visit Can I restore or recover past stories?

Restore purchases

To restore your purchases:

  1. Tap double line Icon 1614628 in the top-left of the screen.
  2. Tap Support.
  3. Tap FAQ.
  4. Tap How do I restore my purchases?
  5. Tap Restore purchases.

This will give you access to all purchases made with that Apple ID or Google Play Account.

Error message: This item was purchased by a different Apple ID

If you see this error after tapping Restore Purchases, it means the device is logged into a different Apple ID than the one used to make purchases on Unfold.

To resolve this, log into the correct Apple ID and tap Restore Purchases again. Keep in mind, any purchases made on the wrong Apple ID will need to be purchased again on the correct Apple ID. It's not possible to transfer purchases between accounts.

Other uses

Restoring your purchases is useful if you:

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