Unfold billing

When you subscribe to Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro, you'll choose a yearly or monthly pricing plan. Payments for your subscription are handled through Apple or Google directly. The annual or monthly change for your subscription appears on your bank or credit card statement as "Apple iTunes" or "Google Storefront," depending on your device.

Tip: Even if you link your Unfold app to a Squarespace account, Apple or Google will continue to manage billing for your subscription. Contact Apple or Google with all billing related questions.

Billing notifications

You'll receive the following email notifications from The Apple App Store or Google Play Store for your Unfold subscription:

  • Order Confirmations
  • Order renewal reminders
  • Order cancellation confirmation
  • Subscription cancellation confirmation
  • Refund notifications

Changing your Unfold billing plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your Unfold billing plan at any time. Visit the links below for up-to-date information on how to change your in-app subscription:

Keep in mind:

  • Unfold Plus and Unfold Pro are different tiers of Unfold subscriptions.
  • If you upgrade from Unfold Plus to Unfold Pro, your original subscription to Unfold Plus is canceled. You’ll still have access to all Unfold Plus features, however, as they are included in an Unfold Pro subscription.
  • You may receive a prorated refund or credit toward your new subscription, depending on your device. Contact Apple or Google with any billing questions.
Note: This guide is intended for Unfold users. If you have questions about refunds for Bio Sites Pro, contact us.
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