Using Unfold subscriptions across devices

If you want to use your Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro subscription on a different device, you can as long as your device is connected to the same Apple ID or Google Play Account where the subscription was purchased.

Restore your subscription

If you’re using the same Apple ID or Google Account, you can restore purchases to sync your Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro subscription to a new device.

To restore your subscription, scroll to the bottom of the Discover screen, then tap Restore Purchases.

If you don’t have a subscription, this also works to restore previous one-time purchases. To learn more, visit Restoring your purchases on a new device.

Can I transfer Unfold subscriptions to a new account?

It’s not possible to transfer an Unfold Plus or Unfold Pro subscription to a different Apple ID or Google Play Account.

If you purchased an Unfold Plus subscription with your personal Apple ID, for example, you can't transfer that same subscription to a coworker's Apple ID. Instead, cancel your current subscription, then have your coworker subscribe to Unfold Plus using their Apple ID.

Can I share subscriptions between iOS and Android devices?

It’s not currently possible to share subscriptions or one-time purchases between iOS and Android devices. These operating systems aren’t set up to communicate with each other in this way; it’s not a limitation of Unfold.

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