Web: Getting started with Bio Sites

Sign up, log in, and access the unique capabilities of the Bio Sites web editor.

This guide covers how to sign up for a Bio Site, access the web editor and some of its unique features and capabilities.

Accessing this feature
Bio Sites Pro is no longer available. Features available through Bio Sites Pro are now free for all Bio Sites customers. For questions about your Bio Sites Pro subscription, contact Customer Support.

Create and publish a Bio Site

To create and publish a Bio Site:

  1. Visit the Bio Sites homepage.
  2. Click Create a free Bio Site.
  3. Enter an available username and click the arrow to continue.
  4. Create your account by signing in with an email address and password or with your Apple, Facebook, or Google account.
  5. Follow the prompts to choose a template, add your name and image, social handles, and links.
  6. Your site is now live! Click Continue editing.

Access the Bio Site web editor

After you have signed up for a Bio Site account, you have access to the web editor.

  1. Visit the Bio Sites homepage.
  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, click Log in.
  3. Use your Squarespace account login information to log in. 

Navigate the Bio Site web editor

You can customize or edit your Bio Site using the different panels in the web editor. Below is a table of the panels in the navigation menu and what you can do in each.

Panel Icon Customization
Profile Use this panel to change your profile image, name, and description. You can also change the visibility of your Bio Site or edit the URL.
Sections Use this panel to add, edit, or delete sections in your Bio Site.
Style Use this panel to select a template or customize the colors and fonts on your Bio Site.
Analytics Use this panel to view a break down of the number of views and clicks on each of yur links.
Payments Use this panel to create or manage a link for individuals to provide tips or contribute to your crowdfunding initiatives.
Audience Use this panel to view visitors who have left their email or phone numbers for you.
Settings Use this panel to view your Bio Sites, change language, enable dark mode, contact support, view Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, or log out. 

Create more than one Bio Site

You can create more than one Bio Site in the web editor. To create a new Bio Site:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click to open the Settings panel.
  2. Click Create new site.
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