Unfold Plus is the advanced Unfold experience. Subscribe to Unfold Plus for access to all Unfold template collections, early access to new collections, and more features to expand your storytelling toolkit.


You can select a yearly or monthly plan. All features are included in both plans:

  • Yearly membership - $19.99 USD annually, includes a three-day free trial that can't be skipped or reset.
  • Monthly membership - $2.99 USD monthly

Payment is handled through Apple or Google directly, depending on your device. Learn more in Unfold billing.


Yearly membership plans begin with a free trial. At the end of your trial, the subscription renews automatically.

If you don’t want to continue with the membership plan, ensure you cancel your subscription 24 hours before the trial ends, or you’ll be charged for the year. Check your email for a receipt from the App Store or Google Play Store if you can’t remember when your trial started.

Note: If you’ve had a free Unfold Pro or Unfold Plus trial on your Apple ID or Google Play Account in the past, you’ll be charged immediately when subscribing to Unfold Plus.

Unfold Plus features

Unfold Plus membership includes:

  • Access to a large collection of templates
  • Early access to new collections
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Exclusive fonts
  • Exclusive releases and designs

Subscribe to Unfold Plus

To subscribe to Unfold Plus:

  1. On the Unfold home screen, tap Try Plus.
  2. Select Yearly Membership or Monthly Membership.
  3. Tap Start your free 3 day trial (yearly) or Start now (monthly), and confirm the subscription.

After subscribing, you can create stories with your Unfold Plus templates, fonts, and stickers.

Note: After subscribing, you don't need to separately log in to access Unfold Plus. Opening the Unfold app gives you access to all your new content and features.

Unfold Pro includes Unfold Plus

If you subscribe to Unfold Pro, you don't need to subscribe to Unfold Plus separately. Unfold Pro is a higher tier plan that includes everything available on Unfold Plus, as well as a brand kit for uploading your own custom colors, stickers, and fonts for stories.

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