Getting started with Unfold

Use this guide to learn about Unfold, download the app, and get started making beautiful content with Unfold’s award-winning designs and templates.

What is Unfold?

Unfold is a mobile app for making standout content to share on social media. With Unfold, you can:

  • Create unique stories for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Make and publish a hub page of links to your social media accounts and online content, which you can promote in your social media bios
  • Map out what your grid of published Instagram posts will look like to visitors

With Unfold, it’s free to create, customize, and share stories. You can also purchase additional templates to expand your toolkit, or subscribe to Unfold+ for access to all Unfold collections, fonts, stickers and more.

Download Unfold

Download Unfold for free on Apple and Android devices. Visit the links below for up-to-date system requirements.

Start using Unfold

After downloading Unfold, tap its icon to open the app and get started. Here are some next steps you may want to take:

Upgrade your Unfold experience

While the Unfold app is free to all users, there are two subscription Unfold plans for an elevated experience: Unfold+ and Unfold Pro.

Tip: Billing for Unfold subscriptions is handled through Apple or Google directly.


The first tier plan includes all Unfold template collections, early access to new collections, and more features to expand your storytelling toolkit. See our Unfold+ guide for pricing information and instructions on how to subscribe.

Unfold Pro

The higher tier plan, Unfold Pro, grants you access to all the features available on Unfold+, and the ability to upload custom colors, logos, stickers, and fonts to create stories that reflect your brand. Learn more in our Unfold Pro guide.

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