Web: Connecting payment processors to your Bio Site

Use a payment processor to accept crowdfunding or tip payments on your Bio Site.

Accept payments directly through your Bio Site by connecting to Stripe or PayPal. You can receive payments through Tips and Crowdfunding sections.

Before you begin

Before connecting a payment processor, you’ll need to create an account with them. To learn more, visit Stripe’s documentation or PayPal’s documentation

How to connect

To connect a payment processor to your Bio Site using the web editor:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click to open the Sections panel.
  2. Under Recommended, click Crowdfunding or Tips to begin setting up one of those sections. 
  3. Click Add payment provider.
  4. Then click Connect Stripe or Connect PayPal.
  5. Follow the prompts to connect your payment processor.

If you have multiple accounts with Stripe or PayPal and have connected the wrong account to your Bio Site, contact support to remove the incorrect connection. 


In addition to the standard fees charged by Stripe and PayPal, Unfold collects an 8% fee on every Unfold plan (Free, Unfold Plus, and Unfold Pro).

Optimize your Stripe settings

Connecting your Stripe account to Unfold creates a new sub-account in Stripe. We recommend optimizing your Stripe account settings to improve your experience and your visitors' experience:

Scope of support

We can help with questions about how to connect your Stripe or PayPal account to Unfold. For questions regarding your payment processor, please contact Stripe or PayPal instead.

Tip: For questions about processing refunds, review Stripe and PayPal’s documentation.
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