App: Track your Bio Site activity with TikTok

Tip: Unfold also supports pixel tracking from Google and Meta.

Add pixel tracking to your Bio Site to learn how visitors reach your Bio Site and how successfully it’s sending visitors to your links

After you connect your Bio Site to TikTok’s pixel tracking program, you’ll use their dashboard to generate insights about visitor behavior.

Note: We can help you find the pixel tracking interface for your Bio Site. For questions about how to set up the pixel tracker or how to track and analyze visitor information, please contact TikTok.

Before you begin

To connect your Bio Site to TikTok’s pixel tracking, you’ll need a TikTok Ads account. 

Add pixel tracking

TikTok calls its pixel tracker a pixel ID. You’ll need to find this number before adding it in Unfold.

To find your pixel ID:

  1. Follow the steps in this TikTok guide as if you were going to manually install your pixel on a website.
  2. When TikTok generates a code snippet for you, find your pixel ID and save it. You don’t need to write any code, only locate your ID in the snippet and copy it.

To add TikTok pixel tracking to your Bio Site:

  1. If you’ve made any other changes to your Bio Site, tap Update to make them live before adding pixel tracking.
  2. In Unfold, tap Bio Site, then Activity.
  3. Enter your pixel ID in the TikTok field, then tap Save.

After you’ve saved your pixel ID into the Unfold app, you can continue setting up your TikTok pixel.  

Tip: You have the option to connect TikTok pixel tracking with Google Tag Manager. To learn more, visit Google’s documentation.
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