App: Measuring Bio Site activity

After you publish your Bio Site, you can review visitor activity data to learn how your Bio Site is performing. Use this data to gauge the effectiveness of your social media posts in driving clicks to and engagement with your Bio Site.

Review overall Activity

Before you can view visitor data, you’ll need to create and publish a Bio Site. To explore visitor activity:

  1. Tap Bio Site on the Unfold home screen.
  2. Tap the Activity tab.
  3. Use the slider to review visitor activity data for the following date ranges:
    • All - All visitor activity since you published your Bio Site
    • 1D - 12 AM yesterday to 12 AM today
    • 7D - 12 AM seven days ago to 12 AM today
    • 30D - 12 AM 30 days ago to 12 AM today

The Bio Site Activity timestamps are always in UTC, regardless of your timezone.

Review click details

Unfold Pro users can review extra details about visitor clicks on their Bio Sites.

In the analytics panel, tap Clicks to review these additional details. This panel lists you your top clicked links and your top clicked social links, along with how many clicks each has gotten.

Analytics glossary

The Activity tab in the Bio Sites section of Unfold shows the following key performance indicators, or KPIs:

  • Views - The number of times someone visited your Bio Site. Only full page loads of your Bio Site URL count toward this number.
  • Clicks - The number of times someone clicked a link in your Bio Site. This includes links in any Bio Site section.
  • CTR - The clickthrough rate for your Bio Site visitors. This ratio shows the percentage of people who visit your Bio Site and also click a link.
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