App: Getting started with Bio Sites

A Bio Site is a hub where you can share all the links that define your online presence in a beautiful layout to match your style. Bio Sites work like an online business card. You can create your Bio Site through the Unfold app.

Use this guide to learn about the available plans, and how to quickly setup and publish a Bio Site. 

Creating your Bio Site

To get started on your Bio Site:

  1. On the Unfold home screen, tap Bio Sites, then tap Start Creating.
  2. Select a Bio Site template.
  3. To autofill your Bio Site with content from your Squarespace site, tap Autofill. Learn more about autofill in the section below.
  4. To change your background color, tap Style, then tap Background.
  5. To preview your Bio Site, tap .
  6. To customize your profile and add sections, tap Edit Bio Site. By default, your Bio Site already has Socials and Links sections. Continue reading this guide for more details.

Bio Site templates

When creating a new Bio Site, you can choose from four base templates plus several variations on those templates. On the Select template screen, scroll to your preferred template, then tap Select.

However, when changing the template of an existing Bio Site, only the four base templates appear. While editing your Bio Site:

  1. Tap the Style, then tap Template.
  2. Tap your preferred template, then tap X.

Autofill a Bio Site with your branding

If you have a Squarespace website and you're creating a Bio Site for the first time, you can use Autofill to automatically populate your Bio Site.

  • Your site's title appears in the name field of your Bio Site.
  • If your site includes a logo, it becomes your profile picture
  • Your Bio Site will include a link to your website and a social icon that opens a mail to link to your email.
  • Social links on your site will be added to your Bio Site.
  • If your site has a custom background color, that becomes your Bio Site background color.
  • Your Bio Site will include a link reading My Website that leads to your Squarespace website.

To use Autofill:

  1. While editing your Bio Site, tap Autofill in the top-right corner. The button only appears if you haven't previously added any content to your Bio Site.
  2. If you haven't linked your Unfold app to your Squarespace account yet, tap Log in, and follow the prompts.
  3. Tap Yes to confirm.

If you have more than one Squarespace site, autofill will pull information from your most-recently updated site.

Publish your Bio Site

When you’ve completed your Bio Site, publish it and link to it from your website, social media platforms, or other places around the internet so your audience can find everything they need to know about you and your brand.

You need a Squarespace account to publish your Bio Site, but you can create and preview one without an account.

To publish your Bio Site:

  1. Tap Publish in the top-right corner.
  2. If you already have a Squarespace account, tap Log In. To create a Squarespace account, tap Sign Up.
  3. Enter a custom URL for your Bio Site (for example, URLs need to be 30 characters or fewer, and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.
  4. Tap Publish. Your Bio Site is now live!
  5. Tap to copy your Bio Site URL so you can share it or link to it elsewhere.

Bio Site visibility

Below your URL, tap Visibility to change who can view your Bio Site:

  • Public - Make your Bio Site visible and searchable to anyone on the internet
  • Private - Make your Bio Site visible only to you
  • Delete - Delete your Bio Site. It’s not possible to undo this action, but you can always create another Bio Site from scratch.
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