Instagram Grid Planner (iOS only)

Use the Instagram Grid Planner to map out what your grid of Instagram posts will look like to visitors. This is ideal when you have photos that connect to one another to create a larger image, or when you just want to ensure the posts match your brand's aesthetics.

The Grid Planner is only available on the iOS app at this time.

Before you begin

  • The Grid Planner works best when you have a large number of images to post already on your device. This gives you the most flexibility to see how different arrangements will look in the grid.
  • The Grid Planner is only intended for planning purposes, and you'll still have to post each image individually. Unfold can't post your images to Instagram in bulk through the Grid Planner.

Connect Instagram

To start using the Grid Planner:

  1. Open the Unfold app.
  2. Tap = in the top-left corner, then tap IG Grid Planner.
  3. Tap Connect Instagram, then follow the steps to log in and Authorize.

After Instagram connects successfully, you'll see your current Instagram posts in a grid format. Images you've already posted display with an Instagram icon in the bottom-right corner.

Plan your grid

To plan your grid:

  1. In the Instagram Grid Planner, tap + Add To Grid.
  2. Take or choose up to 6 images from your device. To upload unlimited images, subscribe to Unfold+ or Unfold for Brands.
  3. Tap and hold an image to rearrange it in the grid. You can only rearrange images added to the Grid Planner, not existing posts.
  4. When you have your grid planned, tap the image farthest down and click Post to Instagram. In Instagram, edit the image and post it.
  5. Repeat the previous step for all the images in your grid, posting in reverse order to ensure it matches the Grid Planner. Alternatively, if you don't want to post all the images at once, you can post the rest another time. The Grid Planner will keep your images in the same order even after you close it.

Other options

For more options, tap an image, then tap one of the following:

  • Save to camera roll - Saves the image to your device
  • Share - Shares to other apps or through text messages
  • Delete - Removes image from the Grid Planner. This doesn't delete it from your device.

Log out of Instagram

To log out of your Instagram account in the Grid Planner, tap your username at the top, then tap Log Out to confirm.

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