Editing images in a story

Use Unfold’s built-in image editor to apply filters, effects, and other edits to images in your stories before sharing them.

This guide is for editing images after adding them to a story. To take and edit images before adding them a story, visit Using Unfold Studio.

Edit an image

To edit images after adding them to your story:

  1. Tap the image you want to edit.
  2. Tap image_editor_icon.png in the top-left corner.
  3. Tap Filters to select a filter. Use the slider to increase or decrease the filter.
  4. Tap Effects to add an effect. Use the slider to increase or decrease the effect.
  5. Tap Adjust to edit the image’s brightness, contrast, and other qualities.
  6. Tap ... for more options. See the below section for more details.
  7. When you’re done making changes, tap the checkmark.

Apply or remove edits to and from multiple images

When editing, tap ... for tools to apply or remove edits on multiple images:

  • To copy edits to other pages in the story, tap Copy effects.
  • To paste copied edits, tap Paste effects.
  • To restore the original image, tap Clear effects.
  • To apply the edits to all images on the page, tap Apply to all in page.
  • To save the original image, tap Export media.
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