Cancelling an Unfold subscription

You can cancel your Unfold+ or Unfold Pro subscription at any time. All billing is handled through Apple or Google directly, depending on your device. Contact their support for more help.

Cancel your subscription

To cancel an Unfold subscription, follow the steps linked below:

To avoid renewal charges, cancel your subscription 24 hours before the renewal period. Both Apple and Google send reminder emails about renewals, and you can check your renewal date under subscriptions in your Apple ID or Google account settings.

When you cancel, stories you’ve made with exclusive templates will still be available, but you won’t be able to use those templates to create new stories.


After cancelling, you can start a new subscription by tapping the Try Plus in the Discover tab.


All payments are handled through Apple and Google directly, so we’re not able to issue refunds. To learn more, see our refund policy.

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