Web: Enable crowdfunding on your Bio Site

Receive payments from visitors by adding crowdfunding to your site.

Add a crowdfunding section to your Bio Site so fans can support you and help you reach your goals.

Contributing toward a specific goal makes giving feel more meaningful for your fans.

Crowdfunding works by connecting your Bio Site to your Stripe account, then adding a section to your Bio Site for each goal you create.

Add a crowdfunding section

Before you begin

To add crowdfunding to your Bio Site, you’ll need to connect a payment processor to your Bio Site.

Add a crowdfunding section

To add a crowdfunding section to your Bio Site using the web editor:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click to open the Sections panel.
  2. Under Recommended, click Crowdfunding.
  3. Click Add payment provider 
  4. Select Stripe or PayPal, then follow the prompts to connect your payment processor.
  5. Add a title, and you can change the wording of the Donate button.
  6. Optional: Add an image and description.
  7. Set your goal, and add suggested donations in the Amounts section. Fans can donate one of these preset amounts, or choose a custom amount.
  8. In the top-right corner, click Update to publish your changes.

How fans donate

When fans visit your Bio Site, they’ll be shown the goal you’ve created, how close you are to reaching your goal, how many people have already donated, and a donate button.

When they click or tap Donate, they can choose one of your preset amounts, or click Custom to donate a custom amount, then click Continue to reach the Stripe checkout screen and complete their donation.

Review your donations

You can review incoming donations by clicking in the left navigation menu.  

When you reach a goal

When you reach or pass a crowdfunding goal, Unfold will notify you to update or remove the goal. You can:

  • Raise the goal amount in the Goal field of your Crowdfunding section.
  • Or you can delete the section by hovering over it and clicking to the left of the section. You can always add another crowdfunding section to your Bio Site.
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